Trust is not something given easily it’s earned over time. When you drop your computer off at a big box store your trusting that the person behind the counter won’t steal your information, read your private documents or thumb through your private pictures.  That’s a lot of trust, seeing you’re not actually watching what’s going on behind closed doors. The same thing applies when someone comes out to your home; you’re trusting that they don’t go through your drawers or scope out your house.

I’ve been in the computer repair industry for almost thirty years now, some of my customers I’ve had for over 20 years. That’s trust. I’ve worked on military, government, and commercial projects as well high profile people and even a billionaire. I’ve worked on their personal finances and have seen things that no one else will ever know because what I do and what I see stays with me. Yes, you may pay a little more than another company may charge but you will never feel the same peace of mind that I can provide.