With so many things that can go wrong with today’s computers it’s a wonder they even work at all. In Home Computer Repair specializes in fixing computers, that’s what we do.
By using State-of-the-Art software and tools we can quickly and accurately diagnose your computer problems and get you back to work with minimal down time and expense.

If your suffering from any of the problems below we can help.

  • Hard disk errors
  • Webpage Re-directors
  • System Lockups /Blue Screens
  • Shutdown Crash
  • Intermittent Internet Connection
  • Virus,Trojans & Rootkits
  • Spyware
  • Server Issues
  • Network Trouble-shooting

  • Video
  • CD burning Problems
  • Memory Usage
  • Printer Problems
  • Forgotten Windows Passwords
  • Crashes Blue Screens & Stop Errors
  • Deleted Files
  • No Sound
  • Email


We also install all types of upgrades from sound cards to CPUs you name it! Lost your data…No Problem. We offer data recovery and backup solutions as well.

Just buy a new computer? We can transfer all of your personal files plus e-mail to your new system and save you the hassle. Even if the old system is dead.