More and more people today have 2 or more computers in their home. The kids have laptops for school your wife may have one for work and you may have one for checking your fantasy football league.  The power of a home network is its ability to share resources like files, printers and internet connection. Home networks can be connected through wires called Ethernet or Wireless. They are very secure, easy to setup and have zero maintenance. Let In Home Computer Repair setup your home network with both PCs and Macs and remove the frustration you may face for a low fee.

If you’re a business customer and would like to setup a small business server, add workstations or printers to an existing server we can help. We offer troubleshooting service and virus removal for small to medium business networks.

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Available Services:
  • Setting up routers and switches and firewalls
  • adding wireless network capabilities
  • Company e-mail
  • VPN Services, Remote Desktop Connections
  • Sharing files, programs, printers and scanners
  • Security
  • Building a new server
  • Mirroring hard disks
  • Setting up backup routines
  • setting up workstations
  • hooking up gaming consoles movie boxes i.e Roku, Google Apple TV
  • adding server users and permissions