Whether your computer is right out of the box or 10 years old it can definitely benefit from a full system cleanup. When you purchase a new computer, the manufacturer tries to accommodate every age and user on the planet. This adds up to your fast new computer not being so fast at all since it’s loaded with tons of programs and kids games you’ll probably never use. Lots of these programs have little snippets of code running in memory slowing your computer to a crawl. If your computer is several years old you most likely have gigs of temp files and old internet cache files that slow your internet connection down and make you just want to pull your hair out.

Our technicians go through your computer with a fine tooth comb and remove all of this unwanted and unneeded junk which results in a faster computer and a happier you.

This service includes:

  • Removing all temp and internet cache files
  • Checking and removing unneeded auto-run & start-up entries
  • Removing any unwanted software

So how much this cost and how much time does it take? Most systems take 1 hour flat and the cost is $95.00

Included extras:

  • Update check i.e., System Files, Java, Flash, Anti-Virus
  • A deep cleaning the registry to promote quicker boot times and an overall system health check.
  • Free anti-virus software