What is a virus really?

A virus is just a small program usually consisting of one executable file. You can get one by receiving an e-mail from an already infected user or even by just going to an infected website. Once the virus starts running, your system slows down or crashes, at this point the virus takes full control over your computer and allows you to make only changes that it dictates. The main goal of most viruses is to obtain your credit card information and the easiest way of doing that is to convince you to manually enter the information, normally through scare tactics.

Once you get a bad virus, your now really past the point of fixing it yourself. A virus will dig deep into the operating system and cannot be removed while in Windows.

Our technicians boot from a special boot disk which gives them the ability to deep clean and manually remove the most entrenched virus from your computer.

Most systems take 1 hour flat and the cost is $95.00

Included extras:
  • Update check i.e., System Files, Java, Flash, Anti-Virus
  • A deep file cleaning of your computer is also included at no extra charge. This includes removing all temp files and internet cache files for all users, cleaning the registry to promote quicker boot times and an overall system health check.
  • Free anti-virus software