Everything, and I mean everything is done through e-mail today. Form sending photos of the kids to receiving documents for your new home, e-mail can be an extremely versatile tool for getting the job done quickly.
In Home Computer Repair can help you setup your personal or company e-mail easily and quickly. There are several types of e-mail and we can help you decide which is best for you and your situation. If you currently have COX or Centurylink as your internet provider then you already have e-mail and it just needs to be setup on your computer. If you have a company with standard e-mail provided by your internet service or website host might not fit the bill in which case you might want to think about Microsoft Exchange since it’s a much more robust type of e-mail. Below are the different types of e-mail and how they stack up so you can choose for yourself.

POP mail

  • POP mail provided by internet service provider and is really basic it lets you send and receive e-mail that’s it.
  • Although multiple device can use the e-mail they act independently of each other. An example would be, you have the same mail on your computer as you have on your mobile phone, when you delete the mail on the phone it does not delete on the computer and vice verse.
  • Contacts, Calendar Events and Tasks are not shared with your other devices.

IMAP mail

  • IMAP mail is a great solution if you have multiple devices with the same e-mail accounts
  • The biggest advantage is when you delete mail on one device it automatically deletes it on all your devices.
  • The is no wiggle room once you delete the mail its gone… from everywhere.
  • Contacts, Calendar Events and Tasks are not shared with your other devices.

Microsoft Exchange mail

  • Once the domain of big corporations now Microsoft Exchange is at the perfect price point for the home user. Microsoft Exchange can be used for as little as $4.00 per month per user through Microsoft Exchange Online. Get it here
  • View mail from all your devices
  • View Contacts, Calendar Events, Tasks and Emails through either Outlook, Smart phone, Tablet, or Web Based Portal.
  • When you delete mail from one device it deletes from all devices, however, mail can in most cases be recovered if need be.
  • Contacts, Calendar Events and Tasks can all be shared if you wish with other Exchange users in your company.