Q-What if you come out and can’t fix my problem?
A-It’s rare, but it does happen. If we arrive and determine the cause of the problem, for instance, a piece of bad hardware, you will still be charged for the hour. After all, we still came out there and did the troubleshooting to find your problem. At that point our technician will recommend your best solution. If it’s not a hardware problem but a software problem i.e. virus or spyware that we’re unable to fix it then no, you will not be charged.

Q-I’ve seen other companies with half the hourly rate, what’s up?
A-Don’t be fooled by companies offering discounted rates, it’s often accompanied by discounted service. Remember the old adage ” You get what you pay for.” Sometimes it’s true. We’ve been doing this since the late 80’s and have thousands of satisfied customers, not just a few relatives and friends. So, if you just need to get to the next level in World of Warcraft a $25.00 per hour tech is fine, however, if you want your business computer to function properly, save yourself the worry and call us.

Q-What kind of warranty can I expect on your services?
A-A 30 day warranty is provided for all service work.

Q-Can I get a quote over the phone?
A-Sure, our technicians would be happy to, just answer a few questions so they can provide the best possible quote for you.

Q-I just have a simple question, can I just call you and ask at no charge?
A-You bet. We’ve all been there. We would rather you called and asked before doing something you might regret later. Plus, our company policy is “if you help people when you can, they will come back when they need real help in the future.” All of our customers can attest to that.

Q-How do we charge?
A-For mobile service charges are by the hour with a 1 hour minimum. If the job is completed in 30 minutes, it’s still the one hour charge. After the first hour though, it breaks down to 15 minute increments. For remote login service we charge by the 1/2 hour.

Q-What’s your gimmick?
A-Sorry, no gimmicks, we don’t drive a funny little car or dress up like a doctor or clown, IHCR just provides professional, honest service in the hope that you’ll come back for years to come.