Downloading from the internet is very easy but where did it go?

If you’re trying to download something click on its link to start the download process and then click on Save File, A directory box pops up, assuming you’re running Internet Explorer the default download location is :

Vista & Windows 7

  • c:\users\user name\downloads

Windows XP

  • c:\My Documents\downloads

If your running Mozilla Firefox:

  • c:\downloads

If you want to change the file name now is a good time to do that but only change the name to the left of the dot. If you want to download it to a different location other then the default location explained above look towards the bottom and you will see a link that says Browse Folders, click that. On the left you will see Desktop, Downloads, Documents, and Computer. Choose the folder you want and click on save.

Now you’ll be sure to find your download just double-click on it and install your new program.

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