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What’s a good anti-virus solution?

My personal favorite is Hitman Alert. It covers all the virus bases , so to speak. Any IT worth his salt uses Hitman to remove infections so why not step it up and use their home edition. The cost is really inexpensive compared to other anti-virus programs and it’s far superior to them for around $24.95 per year  or 49.95 for 3 years you get fantastic protection form some of the worst kinds of virus’ on the planet like ransomeware, and crypto lockers which encrypt all your files on your entire network. You can get a free 29 day trial or purchase it at

Windows 10 top tip

If you don’t care much for the new settings control panel in windows 10 you can always use the old windows 7 style, just right click one one the start button (lower left hand corner) and choose Control Panel. There are many quick access links in the popup menu like Programs and Features for uninstalling software.

Things to do to help protect yourself:

  • Make sure system restore is on and has enough memory. Click here to show you how. If you have a big C drive like a terabyte, bump up the default 1% to 7% ( In system properties highlight C make sure the protection is “on” and click configure. If it’s not “on” this is where you turn it “on” now move the slider to 7% and click on apply. That’s it, now you have a chance of recovery if things go all pear shaped in the future.
  • Make sure your Microsoft Updates are turned on and up to date.
  • Make sure your antivirus is  and up to date.
  • Check that your Java and Flash are up to date, if not click on the links to update them.
  • Run a current version of your favorite browser be it Firefox, Explorer or Chrome. New versions close old security holes.
  • Backup, backup, backup! I can’t stress this enough. for about 5 bucks per month. Don’t lose everything it’s easy and cheap.


Remember, never load more then one anti virus or anti spyware program on your computer. It may seem like your doubling your protection but in the end the programs can cancel each other out and you may end up with little to no protection at all. These programs have databases that look like viruses and spyware to other programs and could be removed by mistake.


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